Falling into Productivity

It’s almost time…….

I love the start of the school year, the kids returning to a full-time schedule of being somewhere else, the long hours alone in the quiet house, just me and the cat begging for food.  After the mad morning scramble of getting everyone out the door with a packed lunch and the 40-minute walk to the lake and back, it’s time to settle in and wrestle with words.

It’s an exciting time of year for us writers.  As soon as September starts, we start getting antsy for November.  NaNoWriMo is coming and we’re ready.  Ready for the long hours of typing, the write-ins, the comradery, the victory of completing a 50,000 word original piece of writing.

I have spent the past several weeks pingponging between two projects.  I’m plotting and prepping for this year’s NaNo, doing character sketches and outlining.  This year, I’ve been part of a group that’s been following the book 90 Day Novel by Alan Watt.

I’m also hard at work on my other work-in-progress, which I started during last year’s NaNo.  As amazing as this summer was, I got very little writing done.  In the spring I polished and reworked the first half of this manuscript, but the second half needed a lot of work.  I’m in the middle of that work now.  Almost every day I am improving it, slowly making it better.  It’s good to have a deadline.  However far I get by October 31st is the end of the 2nd draft.  On November 1st I will be switching gears and writing furiously on the new project.

I’ve recently taken some steps to increase my commitment to my writing.  Tomorrow, I’ll be attending a full day writer’s retreat.  It feels selfish and wrong to give up a Saturday to pursue something for myself, and leave the chauffeuring and homework managing to my hubby.  I’m doing it anyway.

Other projects intrude, some welcome like fixing up the kids’ bathroom, others not so welcome.  The days the writing goes well are some of the best days, and I love to string a few of them together.  There is still a lot of work to do, but each time I do the work, I make it better.  One step at a time.

Write on…..


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